Alexander Jenkins

States of Being


Pathways to your greatest potential


I harness a variety of self-awareness and anchoring techniques to provide tools and processes to "feel yourself""free yourself" and "be yourself".

The journey with this triad of transformation begins when we listen to and lovingly hold the wounded parts of our internal landscape.

From this place we can:

  • Become adept at self-awareness

  • Realise and activate the resources we need to achieve our goals.

  • Gain access to a state of “response-ability”

  • Act confidently and in alignment with your truth.

  • Live a life of deep trust.


Triad of Transformation


Feel Yourself

This is a Yin, feminine or nurturing/listening process. It is the state of inner awareness, presence, love and empathy that is so often missing in our busy lives.

It begins when we hold our conscious awareness on our body and inner world while embodying various states, such as:

love, care, compassion, spaciousness, curiosity and hope.

You can learn to cultivate these feelings for yourself by practising the Feel Yourself processes

It is this quality of  unconditional loving attention that allows for the various parts of us to be heard and healed by our internal needs being deciphered and met.

Free Yourself

These re the yang, masculine or intentional/motivational processes.

Once you have truly held space for and heard your ‘parts’ through the feel yourself pathway, you can begin to cultivate intentional and powerful resources to meet your needs and goals.

This requires an intentional exploration of the question - “Who do I want to be?” - honing in on your greatest potential.

The resources you may find here are:

power, confidence, focus, passion, desire, sensuality, creativity, commitment, pride and celebration.

You can begin to discover and cultivate these qualities yourself by going through the Free Yourself Processes



Be Yourself

By mastering the “feel yourself” and “free yourself” processes, you can begin to be more consistently in touch with a host of powerful states of being.

Having access to these states means you can more easily respond to life, with your greatest freedom of expression and creative potential.

This is the unifying third way, when you truly being to “be yourself”.

This state comes when you are fully awake to your mind and senses, with freedom to move with your full potential, acting from a place of compelled trust and confidence in your own abilities.

This state is noticeable by watching athletes at peak performance; who know and trust their own skills to such a degree that they are performed somewhat automatically. 

You may have found similar states yourself while dancing, meditating, writing, playing music or during other processes you have felt "lost" in, but still present with.

You may have also seen this in more subtle ways as people come alive embodying their gifts and passions.

This state can be cultivated through the various “be yourself” processes and by using more advanced state anchoring techniques found on this site.

Embodying this state is like living life from your greatest calling. Some people call it living from soul or channelling our true selves.